Data resources

Over the past decade Mindhood has developed an extensive data infrastructure. The focal point for this structure is a Danish, a Swedish, and a Finnish birth cohort connected with miscellaneous registers in the respective countries.

The Danish part of the data infrastructure contains data on all children born in Denmark since 1968, their siblings and their parents. Extracts from an extensive array of health- and SES registers are available for this part of the population along with the following school data: National tests, Public school well-being measure (Folkeskolens Trivselsmål), absence data, and grades from final exams. For more information, visit

Furthermore, it is possible to connect the data with data from for instance the national birth cohort (Better Health for Generations/Bedre Sundhed i Generationer) or BørnUngeLiv.

The data infrastructure enables research into a wide range of issues and supports large and smaller projects that compare factors across the Nordic countries. Furthermore there are obvious opportunities to do natural experiments where units such as schools, municipalities or regions can be compared with each other. Based on the data infrastructure, central topics can also be examined in a triple aim perspective - a public health angle, a user perspective and a socioeconomic angle.

Access to data is described here

Contact Data Manager Katrine Svendsen, with questions about the data infrastructure.