Mindhood -  The Research Unit for Mental Public Health - has a focus on mental public health in a life course perspective. We aim to develop knowledge to support that every child may get the best chances for a highest level of mental health. We strive to integrate psychological, sociological, humanistic, technological, and biological perspectives to develop knowledge to support understanding and practice.

To be more specific we aim to operationalise the WHO definition of mental health building on models that include thinking across scientific disciplines.

We acknowledge that the task is very complex. Thus we need

  • lowest common denominators of understanding within this area, that we can agree on across disciplines
  • sound generic measures of well being taking not only hedonistic (emotional) perspective but also the eudaimonic (social function) and resilience/developmental perspectives in to account
  • data infrastructures that allow life course follow up building on a backbone of basic information- combined with ad hoc cohort data
  • an interactive epidemiological set up, that shares knowledge between professionals and researchers (BørnUngeLiv.dk)

The Mindhood program takes advantage of the unique Nordic register based data infrastructure (nordiclifecore.com) and a strong intellectual infrastructure including some of the strongest international research profiles (our advisory board).