The Innovation Fund Denmark donated 20 million DKK to Carsten Obel at the Institute for Public Health and 15 other public and private partners to the project "HealthD360 - 360 Degree Health Data Integration and Analysis – digital tools for continuous and coherent personalized treatment and empowerment".

The Tryg Foundation (TrygFonden) donated 1,9 million DKK to Jon Arnfred, Carsten Obel and Lotte Fensbo to the project “Collaborative Problem Solving as Part of the Inclusion Process in Ordinary Schools

The Tryg Foundation (TrygFonden) donated 99.000 DKK to Jon Arnfred to survey the tools presently available for monitoring Danish children suffering from mental health problems and establish a website.

The Tryg Foundation (TrygFonden) donated 6.9 million DKK for a five year period (2013-2018) to Carsten Obel and others, to develop “The iUpgrowth cohort: The Danish Interactive Cohort of Children’s Mental Health”.

The Tryg Foundation (TrygFonden) donated 3.0 million DKK for a five year period (2013-2018) to Poul Lundgaard Bak, Carsten Obel and Jin Liang Zhu to establish “The Resilience Intervention Program”.

SATS funds from funds set aside by the Danish Ministry of Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs for social purposes donated 2.0 million DKK to Carsten Obel and Poul Lundgaard Bak supporting the measurement of targeted efforts for strengthening young people and adults suffering from ADHD.

The Tryg Foundation (TrygFonden) donated 10 million DKK for a five year period (2012-2017) to Poul Lundgaard Bak, Jørn Olsen and Carsten Obel to establish the infrastructure of the research programme, “Mental health factors early in life – keys to understand and promote health in a life time perspective?”