is the core interactive epidemiology instrument of the Child Mental Health Research Program, Mindhood. is now implemented in more than 20 municipalities and we are in negotiations about implementation in further 10 municipalities. Moreover, The National Board of Health (Sundhedsstyrelsen) uses for evaluation of a mental health project in four municipalities.

We expect more municipalities to join in the coming years due to a number of PR initiatives. We are in contact with health visitor leaders in many municipalities, and we participate with a stand in a number of annual conferences, e.g. the Health Conference and the Children Summit Conference by Local Government Denmark (Kommunernes Landsforening) and the annual National Conference for School Headmasters.

In order to facilitate implementation, we have also participated in a meeting for Municipality Health Department Managers in the Region of Southern Denmark. Now more than half of the municipalities in this region have implemented

During 2013 we have established an organisation to ensure municipality ownership and influence over the continuing development of The organisation will also ensure the future running of

-The central part of the organisation is a steering committee with representatives from the biggest municipalities in Denmark and a representative from a municipality in each of the regions. The steering committee has the strategic responsibility for

- A committee consisting of council employees with expertise in different aspects of health and schools will take care of the professional development of The technical development will be taken care of by another committee.

- A committee with focus on research will also be established. The research committee will discuss how to use data from in research and how to bring the research findings back to the municipalities.

- The secretariat takes care of day-to-day operations and supports the municipalities in implementing and applying    is non-commercial, but the municipalities pay a fee decided by steering group to cover expenses from running

We continuously work together with Novax and TM Care (Health visitor record IT-systems) to improve the integration and user interface with